NEOPB/ Champions for Change

This image represents the neutrally-branded Champions for Change tent with a white back wall. There are three other options: Latino, African American, and Rethink Your Drink.

 For Local Agencies who wish to purchase NEOP Tents, Prizewheels, or Tablecloths, please download the flier containing sample images and pricing. You’ll contact Della Gilleran at della@mbdstudio.com (916-441-3050) to discuss project specifics, obtain a written quote, and make payment arrangements by credit card (via PayPal) or Purchase Order. Manufacturing and shipping can take from three to seven weeks, depending on quantity and distribution requirements.

NEOP — Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch (NEOPB) is a statewide movement of local, state and national partners collectively working toward improving the health status of low-income Californians through increased fruit and vegetable consumption and daily physical activity.

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Misc work

  • Produce Quick Tip Cards
  • African American & Latino Cookbooks
  • Ambulance Vehicle Wrap
  • Sutter Health Luncheon Awards
  • The Flavors of My Kitchen