Toolbox for Community Educators

California Department of Public Health


The Network for a Healthy California (Network) is a public health effort working with hundreds of partners and organizations to empower low-income Californians to live healthier lives through good nutrition and physical activity. The Network provides educational and promotional resources to their local agencies. The local agencies (WIC clinics, churches, health associations, etc…) take the message directly to the people at festivals, health fairs and free classes. Marketing by Design has worked with the Network since 2001.



The Network needed an all-in-one portable solution to for their on-the-go local educators. Each toolbox had to include: 57 pages of bilingual lessons, 34 pages of bilingual handouts, bilingual evaluation forms, toolbox user guide, a music CD, a video DVD, custom playing cards, 4 brochures, an educational poster, a fruit and vegetable serving calculator, DVD discussion guide and fresh produce guide. Each toolbox had to be compact, durable, easy to use and cohesively branded. We designed and coordinated the production and printing of 21 of the 22 individual components of the toolbox.



Packaging Design

Our team jumped into the project headfirst. To begin, we gathered feedback from educators who had experience with an earlier version of the toolbox. Then we identified the key, common problems and re-designed the functionality of the box from the ground up. We tested and refined various configurations and arrived at an efficient, portable, user-friendly design that travels well and has been welcomed by rave reviews from the educators. Each component has it’s place in the new design, the secondary items are tucked away, while high frequency components are front and center.

Graphic Design

With the physical functionality of the toolbox squared away we focused our energy on the psyche of the educator. We strove to inspire confidence and passion in each educator and his/her audience. We designed the toolbox to be a beacon of light and hope in a gritty urban environment. We wrapped the toolbox in bright spring colors, strong, uplifting and energetic imagery and positive testimonial statements and quotes. It has been a great success and iconic element in the Network’s brand.

Project Management

From planning to delivery, the toolbox project extended out over two years. Our management team actively coordinated each element of the project. Overseeing the complex bidding, research, design, production and printing, shipping, assembly and delivery processes.


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