Five Year Progress Report

Advancing the Clean Energy Economy in California's Capital Region


The Green Capital Alliance (GCA) aims to make Sacramento's growing clean technology sector a defining feature of our economy and make the six-county Sacramento region a leader in sustainability. This report represents the culmination of five years of efforts by a coalition of leaders throughout Sacramento.


Marketing by Design was brought in to take the report from a 30 page sea of text to an impact-full and engaging story about the amazing progress that has been made.


The GCA wanted to highlight that the progress over the past 5 years had been truly a collaborative effort and recognize all of their partners. Building on this idea we designed the cover. This idea was the foundation for the cover design of many logos creating a negative space of the numeral 5. It illustrates how many individual elements can come together, join for a common cause and create something bigger than any one by itself. Inside the report there were 32 pages of text with many important components. We dissected targeted elements to feature and illustrate different points along in the narrative and as well as creating multiple entry points to engage the reader. The layout is open and dynamic and the colors are vibrant and uplifting, each reinforcing the key messages of the report.


The report was originally intended planned to be released online and in limited print. Once designed, the GCA saw the value of the report as a printed tool to promote and accelerate their program. They actively recruited new funds from partners for a larger print run. After it's release, the Progress Report has met with rave reviews from partners, stakeholders, engaged citizens and policy makers. It has been used extensively by the Green Capital Alliance across the nation building strategic partnerships and furthering the cause.

"Working with Phil at Marketing By Design has been a great experience for us. He turned our dense report into something visually appealing and easy to follow, with a dynamic presentation of facts and data that told the story of our project’s accomplishments.  Every step of the design process exceeded our expectations—from initial concepts to final drafts.  I’d never hesitate to recommend their team for future projects."

Kristine Mazzei
Managing Partner, Valley Vision


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